Virtual Learning

Our new reality now includes the wonderful Zoom classes that allow us to see each other while maintaining distance and keeping safe. Based on our success to date, we may continue to offer some Zoom classes when our normal in-person meetings resume.

We definitely look forward to the joy of learning and socializing together again face to face.

Q: Are there prerequisites or educational requirements for joining SAGE?

A: No, just a desire to fulfill your intellectual curiosity.

Q: Where do the SAGE classes meet?

A: During the COVID-19 health crisis classes are being held online using the Zoom platform. As soon as it is safe, we will return to in-person meetings in the classrooms at St. Andrews and St. Charles Episcopal Church, 16651 Rinaldi St., Granada Hills, CA 91344.

Q: What does membership cost?

A: The annual fee is $250 for a single membership and $450 for a couple. A new member can try the first class for $50

Q: Are there any additional costs beyond the membership fee?

A: Not during our virtual classes, but during in-person classes members are expected to furnish light snacks on their presentation day. SAGE provides tea and coffee.

Q: When is the fee payable?

A: The fee is payable in full before the start of the Fall Quarter in September.

Q: How long is each quarter?

A: During the current health crisis, Fall, Winter and Spring
Quarters are each eight weeks long, as opposed to ten weeks for in-person quarters. Summer quarter lasts seven weeks under both conditions. Class sessions are two hours long with a short break after the first hour.

Q: How are the subject topics determined?

A: SAGE members suggest discussion topics for consideration and selection by the Curriculum Committee.

Q: How does a member select the classes he/she wishes to attend?

A: After the Curriculum Committee determines the subjects for consideration, the selections are submitted by mail to the membership at large, and each member responds with choices of one or more subjects.

Q: When are classes held?

A: Currently, virtual classes are being held Tuesday through Thursday in both morning and afternoon sessions. During the regular in-person format, classes will also be held on Monday afternoons.

Q: What is a presentation?

A: Each class participant chooses a subject within the group's overall study topic, researches it, and makes an oral presentation designed to stimulate group discussion.

Q: What if I am unfamiliar with the Zoom teleconferencing platform?

A: A member of SAGE will guide you through the simple training process.

Q: Are there social activities sponsored by SAGE?

A: During normal times SAGE has sponsored retreats, forums, plays, and field trips to interesting cultural attractions in the Los Angeles area. Currently, SAGE is working to develop social activities that can be enjoyed virtually. We have a planned virtual forum in October (see forums) and a planned online play (we have great actors within our members and our own directors).

Very often classmates arrange to lunch together at neighboring restaurants. Additionally, members form groups to attend theater productions and find other activities outside of the SAGE program. We look forward to resuming these activities when the Covid-19 crisis ends.

Hopefully, we have addressed all your questions. If not, call us at 818-831-5064 or email us and leave a message which will be followed up ASAP.