The Forum is one of the special events held twice each year to provide an opportunity for SAGE members to gather in a social setting, chat over coffee, enjoy a stimulating lecture presentation, and take pleasure in lunching together.

Currently our forum will take place on Zoom, and as a result we can increase the number of forums:


SUBJECT: Ballot measures to be on the November 3, 2020 ballot
DATES: September 25; 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
October 2 ; 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Our panel of 12 SAGE members will present all of the 12 State ballot propositions and one L. A. County Charter Amendment. “Reimagining L. A.” (“defund the police”). Six of the State measures will be presented each day with the County Charter amendment being added on October 2.

Each presentation will be followed by a Q. and A. and audience comment period using the “chat” feature on Zoom. The Forum Committee has reviewed all of these measures and has determined that they all cover significant substantive issues – both economic and social. We hope that this program will help all of you who join us to make an informed decision when casting your vote. These will be impartial pro and con presentations. Our purpose is to educate – not advocate.

RSVP is required to receive your zoom invite.

Other future forums will feature outside speakers who are experts on topics of special interest are selected by the Forum Chairperson to provide a deeper understanding of these wide-ranging subjects. Past forums have featured college professors, political figures, scientists, researchers, newspaper editors, tax experts, and representatives from public service groups.

On normal days, the forums, held in a private meeting room at a local restaurant, give members and their guests an opportunity to meet and socialize outside the regular classroom sessions. Enjoying a delicious lunch and listening to an interesting speaker is a Forum activity members look forward during the year.

SAGE attendees, usually more than 100, are encouraged to ask questions of the speaker at the conclusion of the speech to gain a better understanding of the topic discussed. Almost always, there are lively exchanges with many of the members presenting a number of challenging questions.