Our Members at SAGE Lunch

SAGE was born in Spring of 1987 after a somewhat extended and concerted effort to birth it. Morrie Cutler had been a member of Plato, the Learning In Retirement organization associated with UCLA. He thought it would be a good idea to have a similar organization in the Valley, and he made it a project to contact the Office of Continuing Education at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and convince its personnel that such a group would be beneficial to the school and to the community.

With the support and efforts of CSUN's Sonja Marchand, in particular, and a contribution of $15,000 from the Milken Foundation, SAGE was launched.

Starting with 12 inspired, hard working members, and one study discussion group, SAGE now has 14 study discussion groups and a membership of over 150 and growing. It is a fabulous organization.

Besides the study discussion groups which are the heart and core of SAGE, other activities have enriched its members. For example, over the years SAGE has had Colloquia, Town Meetings and Forums twice each year. These feature speakers expert in their fields accompanied by stimulating discussion from the audience. The present day Forums include a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and are very popular among members and guests.

In 1995, SAGE had its first annual RETREAT, a three day get away where members came to enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities combined with study and discussion, a movie presentation, games, mingling and general comradery.

A number of field trips have also been a feature of SAGE. These were held periodically, and included visits to the Getty Museum, Japanese Gardens, the Nethercutt Museum, the Reagan Presidential Library, the Santa Barbara Art Museum, and Los Angeles Conservancy Walks.

SAGE continues to grow and innovate to meet the needs and desires of its members.


Presentation of SAGE's 20th Anniversary Celebration in 2007.

SAGE's history presented at 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2012.

SAGE Presidents