SAGE has a long tradition of providing financial support to CSUN through designated donations made through yearly dues as well as special bequests to honor members.

CSUN Library:
Given SAGE’s emphasis on researched-based discussions, CSUN Library has been a natural decades-long recipient. These donations began with contributions to the university’s on-line database of the Encyclopedia Britannica, until that service became free. Now SAGE makes its annual gift to the Library’s Literary Resource Center database.

Gerontology Scholarship:
As the field of gerontology has advanced, SAGE has sought to assist deserving students entering that field. A yearly scholarship was established in 1989 to honor Sonja Marchand who was instrumental in bringing SAGE into CSUN’s Tseng College. The Sonja Marchand Scholarship in Gerontology awards $1,000 to a CSUN graduate student in that field. A committee made up of CSUN faculty and a representative of the SAGE Board chooses the recipient, who receives the award at the SAGE Spring Forum Luncheon.

Special Bequests:
Over the years, SAGE members and friends have chosen to honor long-time members who had a lasting effect, not only on their individual careers, but also to the development of SAGE and its programs. These donations seek to assist academic disciplines of special interest to that member. Two recent awards were as follows:

Ed Gilbert:
A successful attorney in the entertainment industry, Ed, a native New Yorker, was one of the early Presidents of SAGE. Friends called him a “Renaissance Man” due to the many classes he expertly led in literature, music, and art–the last one titled “The Music of Mozart.” The SAGE bequest in his name assists a student planning to study law.

Morrie Cutler:
A man considered SAGE’s “founding father,” Morrie gathered a few friends together to start SAGE in 1987. His career began in the Air Force during World War II, from which he emerged a master navigator and lieutenant colonel. Morrie created educational programs abroad and served as a school principal in Los Angeles until he retired. The Morrie Cutler Memorial Scholarship was awarded to a computer science student in 2015.

Senior Computer Scholarships:
Beginning in 1991 and continuing for 23 years, Morrie Cutler conducted computer classes for SAGE members and other seniors seeking to learn the newest technology at CSUN’s computer lab. A small fee of $25 collected for class materials became the proceeds for two $500 scholarships to two students in CSUN’s College of Engineering and Computer Science each year. “We awarded 46 scholarships from the money we collected,” Morrie announced proudly in 2012 when the classes ended.