Although the principal goal of SAGE is learning in retirement, the organization offers numerous opportunities for members to enjoy social interaction with each other. Over the years members have gathered to enjoy numerous activities in addition to study group participation.

Some enduring friendships have developed, and there have even been a few romances and marriages. At class break times members hover around the coffee and teapots to exhange ideas and pleasantries as they nibble on snacks provided by that day’s presenters. Members may also decide to have lunch at one of the local restaurants. The Thursday Lunch Bunch has been a tradition for a number of years.

Over the last few years film buffs in the organization have organized into two groups. The Movie Group agrees to view two current films at local theaters and then meet on the third Monday of the month for a discussion.

The second group, in existence since 2008, meets on Friday mornings to screen Provocative Documentaries. The viewings are usually followed by lively discussions.

One of the principal extracurricular activities of SAGE has been trips to various attractions around Southern California. Journeys have taken members as far north as Santa Barbara and as far south as San Diego. For information on our theater parties, ethnic restaurant adventures, museum visits, and Los Angeles Conservancy walks, check our Trips page.

SAGE has traditionally held retreats at resort facilities outside of the Los Angeles area. The retreat is a special time away when up to 50 members meet to spend two days in activities that differ from the usual classroom study groups. For more information on past retreats, check our Retreats page.

SAGE's Celebration of Florence Paul's Retirement, October 2009.