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Sage Learning in Retirement


SAGE is a community that offers classes and social activities that are inviting, stimulating and engaging.  A place to learn, grow, and renew.  Be a learner and a teacher as you catch up on your personal favorite interests and find out about the world you have yet to explore.
We have found the participative learning environment in small study groups promotes an immersive educational experience that is deeply enriching both intellectually and socially. If you are interested in a community bonded by intellectual curiosity, varied learning experiences and fellowship, we invite you to join us. Sign up for the year or for an initial trial membership to get a sense of what it’s like to be part of our community. In person or virtually, we look forward to meeting you.
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A Little More About Us

SAGE is a membership-supported community of retired and semi-retired people who share great curiosity about the world and a commitment to life-long learning. To help satisfy those needs, our organization offers classes, structured like small study groups, on a broad mix of subjects with four terms each year. Class members select, research, share information, and lead casual, highly interactive discussions on topics related to the class’s overall subject.


Our classes take place at St. Andrew & St Charles Church, however, SAGE has no affiliation with the church.

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